Modern farmhouse living room with beaded chandelier, fireplace, furniture, area rug, coffee table , and wall panelling.

Answering The Most Common Lighting Questions

It’s Q & A day all about lighting! Here’s the ones most frequently asked:

Q: How far down should your chandelier hang over a dining room table?

A: Ideally, your chandelier should be about 6″-12″ narrower than your dining table’s width or diameter. Hang it approximately 30” above the tabletop in an 8ft ceiling room. for each additional foot of ceiling height, hang the chandelier an inch higher. Dining Room Chandelier Aged Zinc 6 light


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Q: How to mix lighting styles in an open concept space?

A: Only use 2 different kind of finishes and only use different and contrasting shapes (example: If your pendants have shades on them, don’t use shades on all the other lights in the room)White fabric shade pendant light over table and glass pendant lights over kitchen island


Design by Lindye Galloway

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Q: How do designers feel about fans?

A: Not all but some designers say stay away from fans with lights on them. Some like to design a room so the fan disappears, also, choose stream line modern options regardless of the style of the room. Fans with lights in the center tend to be more obvious and not as pretty looking. If you must choose a fan with lights, choose one with a simple center lamp. Outdoor bronze ceiling fan in an outdoor living space

Design by Joanna Gaines

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Q: When do you use table lamps vs. floor lamps?

A: Use both. if you have an accent chair off in the corner, use a floor lamps next to it. If your furniture configuration is in an L- shape and you have a blank corner, a floor lamp or table works. Just make sure it’s a large floor lamp to take up that space. If you’re doing a side table and lamp, keep in mind of traffic flow when its at the side of the couch so the lamp shade doesn’t stick out in the way. Modern style master bedroom corner with accent chair and floor lamp.

photo by Studio Mcgee

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Q: How large should your living room chandelier be?

A: Add the rooms length and width, switch the sum to inches for ideal chandelier width. Then, triple your ceiling height, and again, switch the unit to inches for ideal chandelier height. So, a 20 ft. x 18 ft. living room with an 8-ft. ceiling would need a 38′ w chandelier that’s about 20-24’H. Modern farmhouse living room with beaded chandelier, fireplace, furniture, area rug, coffee table , and wall panelling.

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Q: What do you think about plug in sconces?

A: plug in sconces are great as long as you don’t mind seeing the cord. You can buy tubes to slide over the cord to keep it straight.Little girl bedroom with twin beds, chevron wallpaper, antique bronze plug-in wall sconces, art work, and bedding.

Design by Meg Strasburg

Q: How do you choose what size pendants to use over an island?

A: biggest mistake is pendant lights being too small. Unless you’re going for a modern look…. fine but for the most part people tend to choose too small on accident. Make sure you choose something over 10”-11” wide. For 8-9 ft ceilings,  33”-34” from top of an island to the bottom of your lights fixture is a good rule but as the ceiling gets higher, you’re going to go up a couple inches higher. 34′-35′ is a sweet spot. Modern kitchen with 3 glass pendants, wood beams, white range hood, black island, white countertops, white cabinets.

kitchen design by Cynthia Soda

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Q: What should I hang from a sloped ceiling?

A: Choose a free hanging chandelier that hangs from the canopy with help of  a loop and chain. For a rod chandelier, most come with an angled adapter to hang it from. Rustic modern mountain design with 2-tiered chandelier, rustic furniture, stacked rock.

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Q: Where do I use library lights?

A: Above photographs, on builtins, above fireplaces, end of hallways, above art… so many places.Builtin cabinets with library lights, art lights, open shelving.

Photo by Sita Montgomery interiors

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