Roundup of Our Favorite Bathroom Lights

Most of the time your bathroom lighting was placed in the low priorities related to other rooms in your home. However, if you have a large bathroom and more elaborate, then you will need the right lighting is important to utilize the space. Sufficient overhead and lighting task are the best key. Functionality is key to good bathroom lighting.  Shadows are the enemy in the bathroom, so your lighting plan should be filled with multiple sources to achieve cross illumination.

What’s more, creating a good scheme in your bathroom can give you an opportunity to add other design elements in your room and creating a perfect place to get restful bathing. No wonder that you might need some bathroom lighting ideas.

Denton Chandelier

(Alex Meisner Contruction)

Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks and can come in the form of sconces on either side of your vanity.

Bremington Pendant

(Pike Properties)

Light up your vanity area along with some great task lighting that could be a fixture in the top of the mirror or get sconces in both sides.

Academy Pendant

(Pike Properties)

Margeaux Wall Sconce

(Tri City Construction)

In small bathrooms, fixtures at the mirror alone will provide adequate illumination for the entire room. In larger bathrooms, an additional ceiling fixture is needed for general lighting.

Cortland Wall sconce

(Pike Properties)

Morgan Wall Sconce

(Pike Properties)

Sconces mounted beside a mirror should be at least 28 inches apart.

Facet Bathroom Sconce

(Lacey Michale K Interiors)

Bath bar above mirror should be 78 inches from the floor. Position bath bars in relation to your mirror, not the sink.

Tanner Bath Bar

(Lauren Smyth Design)

Wall Sconces on either side of a mirror should be hung 60 inches from the floor.

Marquee Wall Sconce

(Gowler Homes)

A chandelier or pendant above the bathtub makes for an eye-catching focal point. Use caution when installing a hanging light fixture over a tub, as there are several electrical code considerations.  The most important to remember is that the fixture must be hung high enough so that you cannot stand in the tub and reach the light fixture.

Marquee Chandelier

(Gowler Homes)

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